Awww Hell Nah. Will Smith Says Three Men in Black Movie May be Enough For Him

Will Smith in Men in Black 3 (2012) Movie Image

Sony is already moving ahead with “Men in Black 4”, with a screenwriter already hard at work (or as “hard as work” as you can get when you sit in a room typing on a computer, I mean) on the screenplay. And why shouldn’t the studio already be looking forward to a fourth installment? Despite the fact that this series has run out of steam about, oh, halfway through part 2, last year’s “Men in Black 3” still managed to rake in more than $600 million worldwide, the bulk of that coming from overseas box office.

So yeah, it goes without saying, Sony wants a “Men in Black 4”.

But there’s a chance they might have to do it without Will Smith. Maybe.

While out promoting his latest sci-fi jaunt “After Earth”, starring a decidedly not funny Will Smith, the former Prince of Bel Air told the site Collider this about the possibility of him slipping on the suit and making it look good one more time:

I think three is enough for me,. Three of anything is enough. We’ll look at it, and consider it, but it feels like it might be time to let someone else do that.

Ah, there’s the catch. MIGHT be “enough” for him.

Of course, he said this before last weekend’s box office numbers came in and “After Earth” opened in third place behind the magic caper “Now You See Me”. Smith may be having second thoughts about “Men in Black 4” after that, methinks.

The topic of “Men in Black 4” comes up at the 2:55 mark:

Via : Collider