Ayelet Zurer is Vittoria Vetra in Angels and Demons

Look at me, saying the name Vittoria Vetra like I know who she is. I don’t, of course. She’s apparently the main character in the Dan Brown book “Angels and Demons”, a prequel novel to his “The Da Vinci Code”, one of those books turned into a movie that everyone went to see, despite being universally panned. And trust me, when the critics turn on Tom Hanks and Ron Howard, they did it with a heavy heart, so the film had to be pretty bland. Of course, that didn’t stop the massive worldwide box office, which means automatic sequel — or in this case, prequel.

And in that said prequel, Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer (pictured, top left) will be playing Vittoria Vetra, the female lead opposite Tom Hanks’ Robert Langdon.

Entertainment Weekly, who broke the casting news, has more info on the character of Vittoria Vetra:

Zurer’s character is the daughter of CERN physicist Leonardo Vetra. Following her father’s death, Vittoria pairs with Robert Langdon (Hanks) on a journey to uncover the mystery behind her father’s murder and stop a terrorist plot. Sony has yet to cast the roles of Maximilian Kohler (director of CERN) and Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca (aide to the Pope).

Zurer’s previous credits include Spielberg’s “Munich” and “Vantage Point”.

Production on “Angels and Demons”, with Ron Howard back to direct, was supposed to start earlier, but was held up because of the Writer’s Strike. It’s now scheduled for a May 15, 2009 release.

Angels and Demons