Aykroyd, Faris, and Timberlake in Negotiations For Yogi Bear

yogi-bearCartoon/live action hybrids have had a rocky history. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was excellent, aided by the fact that it was more of an original story, but films like The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Garfield weren’t that great (although Bill Murray has the kind of laconic, lazy speech that worked well for the morose cat). However, studios aren’t giving up on the style. Entertainment Weekly reports that three stars have signed on for the live action/CG film Yogi Bear.

Dan Aykroyd is planning to voice Yogi, while Justin Timberlake is in talks to voice his sidekick, Boo-Boo.  Anna Faris might play Rachel, a nature documentary filmmaker trying to film the two bears for her next project. Right now there is no word on Ranger Smith. Aykroyd  seems like a solid piece of casting, but I’ve never actually seen Timberlake act; he must have done something to impress. As Entertainment Weekly reports, “Eric Brevig (Journey to the Center of the Earth) is directing a script from Brad Copeland (Wild Hogs).” So I don’t know how much faith this project is deserving.