Back to Back Sequels Planned for Oz’s Tomorrow When the War Began


I know there are a lot of fans of Stuart Beattie’s movie version of John Marsden’s “Tomorrow, When the War Began” novels, so this should be good news to them: Stuart Beattie will write and direct not just a sequel to “Tomorrow”, but two sequels, set to be made back-to-back. And if you happen to think Beattie didn’t do a very good job on the adaptation, sucks to be you, then, cause he’s doing two more.

The move comes after “Tomorrow” became the third highest Australian movie to open Down Under, behind only George Miller’s “Happy Feet” and the Nicole Kidman drama “Australia”.

THR reports that the film’s producers, along with the cast (including female lead Caitlin Stasey, who plays Ellie Linton), will return for both sequels.

There are seven volumes in Marsden’s “Tomorrow” series, not counting spin-offs. If Beattie follows the chronology of the book series, the second and third movies would be called “The Dead of Night” and “A Killing Frost”.

Trailer for “Tomorrow, When the War Began”:

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  • kate

    third book is called “the third day, the frost” in australia.

  • kate

    third book is called “the third day, the frost” in australia.

  • Simone

    can’t wait. it would be awesome if the spin off series (the ellie chronicles) were made into movies. personally i think there is plenty more in the spin offs for movies then the tomorrow series because once you have read then more than once you find that most of it is a lot of adjectives.