Bad Kids Go to Hell … and Get Their Own Teaser Trailer

Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012) Movie Image

I think “Bad Kids go to Hell”, based on the comic book of the same name, is supposed to be a horror movie, but, um, I’m not sure, because nothing too horrific actually happens in this two-minute teaser trailer for the film. It certainly gets the comedy vibe down, though. Or at least, some attempts at comedy are more obvious than anything horror-ish. I’ll admit it, though, the only reason I’m the least bit interested in Matthew Spradlin’s film is because it co-stars “Farscape’s” Ben Browder as Max, the school janitor. Though it looks like the janitor might not be “just” a janitor. But if that’s all he ends up being, I’m going to be mighty peeved. And displeased. But mostly just peeved.

The Breakfast Club meets The Grudge in this sexy, dark comedy-thriller! Six prep school kids from Crestview Academy, home to the spoiled offspring of society’s elite, find themselves stuck in detention on a frightfully dark and stormy Saturday afternoon. During their 8 hour incarceration, each of the six kids falls victim to a horrible “accident” until only one of them remains. As each of these spoiled rich kids bites the dust, the story takes on a series of humorous and frantic twists and turns. Is one of the kids secretly evening the school’s social playing field? Or have the ghosts of prestigious Crestview Academy finally come to punish the school’s worst (and seemingly untouchable) brats? One thing is for sure…Daddy’s money can’t save them now.

Starring Judd Nelson, Ben Browder, Cameron Deane Stewart, Augie Duke, Ali Faulkner, Marc Donato, Roger Edwards, Amanda Alch, Jeffrey Schmidt, and Chanel Ryan.

Look for the film in 2012.

Via : BigFanboy