Bad Santa 2 Lands a Director

Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa (2003) Movie ImageAnd his name is Steve Pink.

Or at least, Pink is in talks to re-write and direct the film, a sequel to 2003’s raunchy holiday comedy starring Billy Bob Thornton as a boozing mall Santa who plots with a midget (one of his “elves”, played by Tony Cox) to rob the mall they’re working at during the holiday season.

Pink is no stranger to raunchy comedy, having previously helmed “Hot Tub Time Machine” and the college comedy “Accepted” before that.

The original co-starred Lauren Graham (of “Gilmore Girls” fame) as Santa’s, er, hump buddy, and the late John Ritter in one of his last roles as a spineless mall administrator who suspects Thornton is up to no good. It also co-starred the late Bernie Mac as a mall security cop who also suspects the Santa and his elf.

I’m wondering if instead of just tacking a “2” at the end of the title, they’ll call the sequel “Badder Santa” instead? Which would be ironic, since the producers released a longer, unrated version of “Bad Santa” called “Badder Santa” on DVD already. But it wasn’t an official title, so I guess it could still work.

Thornton, of course, is expected back as the stinkiest, crudest Santa you’ve ever met. Though at the end of the original he had found his way, thanks to a pitiful fat kid played by Brett Kelly.

Via : Deadline