Bad Teacher Duo Making a Sex Tape

Bad Teacher (2011) Movie PosterJake Kasdan and Jason Segel liked working together so much on the raunchy comedy “Bad Teacher” that they’ve decided to do it again — this time they’re going to make a sex tape.

Okay, so maybe they’re not taking off their boxers and hopping in bed together (sorry, ladies), but Kasdan will direct Segel in “Sex Tape”. In the film, “How I met Your Mother’s” Segel will play one half of “a happily married couple who use a night off from their parental duties to spice up their love life by making a sex tape. When they awake the following morning, they discover the tape has gone missing, prompting them to figure out who took it and how to get it back.”

See, this is why I refuse to make a sex tape. This, and that whole “the camera adds 10 pounds” deal. Hey, I’m just self-conscious about my body, okay?

The duo last worked together on the aforementioned “Bad Teacher” with Cameron Diaz as an educator with very questionable ethics. The film was a surprise hit, making $216 million worldwide (and crossing the $100 million mark Stateside) from a meager $20 million dollar budget. Meanwhile, people are still paying Eddie Murphy to front “comedies” that cost twice that much. Go figure.

Now all Kasdan and Segel have to do is convince Cameron Diaz to join them one more time. Who knew Cameron Diaz cussing like a sailor and giving loving hood jobs would make so much money?

Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher (2011) Movie Image

Via : Showblitz