Badass Character Posters for G.I. Joe or Just Bad? You Decide.

Oh. G.I. Joe movie. I had so much faith in you when it was first announced that they were giving some Hollywood bigshot a ton of money to make you. The very idea of seeing Snake Eyes in living flesh (well, in black armor and mask flesh, anyway) was so thrilling, I nearly wet myself, and that’s a rarity, especially on Tuesdays. Then those character photos came out, and while they looked decent, they didn’t exactly set the Internets on fire. Then someone saw the teaser trailer, and wasn’t all that impressed. Okay, so he hated it with a passion. Still, I think this thing COULD potentially work. Sure, everyone seems to be wearing the same exact body armor types in all the pics we’ve seen so far, but you know, what did we expect, bright color uniforms like in the TV show?

Anyhoo. Via the Russian site, here are four new character posters for Stephen Sommers’ upcoming “G.I. Joe”. The Snake Eyes one is pure badass. But then again, you would have to really try in order to screw him up, wouldn’t you? The one with Sienna Miller as the Baroness, let’s face it, is just hot. Then again, hot woman with machineguns just does it for me. The other two — eh.

Also, what are the chances that Marlon Wayans’ character won’t utter the line, “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” in the movie? I’m taking bets, people.