Badass Footage From Pawat Panangkasiri’s Action Flick Nak Prok

If you’re a martial arts fan in any capacity, then you’re probably already painfully familiar with the Thai action scene. The work coming out of this country at the moment is, in a word, astounding, second only to the high-octane genre flicks that have poured out of France over the past decade. That being said, the promo reel/unofficial trailer for writer/director Pawat Panangkasiri’s upcoming endeavor “Nak Prok” looks very promising. The obvious language barrier prevents me from properly wrapping my brain around the specifics of the flick, but thanks to the folks at 24 Frames Per Second, a synopsis for the film has been provided below. From what I can gather, the film appears to be a dark comedy mixed with a fair amount of action and suspense, though this is only a guess. Once you’ve consumed the footage, you may feel otherwise.

Here’s the skinny on the storyline:

Three robbers – Pan, Poor, and Singh – have robbed an armoured truck, and are being chased by the police. With nowhere to run, they decide to hide the loot by burying in the grounds of a Buddhist temple. When they come back to dig up the money, they are astonished to find that a monastery has been built directly above it. The thieves have no other options but to get themselves ordained into the temple just for a chance to dig up the cash. That is the start of an unexpected story which is about to get turned upside down.

If you’re going to be in Thailand next year, check it out. Otherwise, wait patiently for someone to distribute the film in your neck of the woods. Keyword: PATIENTLY. Enjoy the clip.