Badass Frenchman Jean Reno Lending his Badass Creds to I, Alex Cross

And let’s face it, “I, Alex Cross” is gonna need it, what with that Madea guy Tyler Perry installed as the new Alex Cross and all. I’m not saying Tyler Perry is the last person you’d be scared of coming after you with a gun, but I am saying he might be scarier if he put on his dress and make-up and came at you as his Madea character. Dude just doesn’t look all that fierce.

Anyways, maybe the folks behind the Alex Cross reboot realizes they need a little bit of fanboy cred in their movie, because they’ve added the always awesome Jean Reno to the film, though no word on what role he’ll be playing. But I’m sure it’ll be awesome. It’s Jean Reno. The guy makes sitting around playing poker look cool.

“I, Alex Cross” will star Perry, most famous for his Madea franchise (there is what, fifty installments now? The guy only does like five a year, after all), as the new Alex Cross, a Detective chasing a serial killer played by “Lost’s” Matthew Fox. Ed Burns will play Perry’s partner.

Rob Cohen (“The Fast and Furious”) will direct the movie, which is loosely based on the 16th book in the “Cross” series of novels by prolific author James Patterson.

Look for Reno and Madea, er, I mean, Tyler Perry to save the day in late 2012.