Badass Teaser for the Illustrated Post-Apocalyptic Tale Black Sky

A violent post-apocalyptic movie seasoned with Lovecraftian monstrosities? Yes, please. From Ben Templesmith (creator of “30 Days of Night”) and director Matt Pizzolo comes “Black Sky”, an illustrated feature that chronicles the exploits of a small group of soldiers who are forced to contend with a frightening new enemy. As a gushing fanboy for all things post-apocalyptic — the time spent in the world of “Fallout 3” could be described as mildly obsessive — I’m pretty sure this is something I need to see as soon as humanly possible. The style reminds me of “The Watchmen” motion comic that was released last year, which, I must say, was both enjoyable and occasionally tedious. Incredible to look at, frequently boring to listen to. “Black Sky” looks like a different beast altogether, and I’m anxious to get my nerdy little hands on a copy of the film.

Thanks to Quiet Earth for the teaser, which has been carefully embedded below.