Bale and Routh Not in (CGI?) Justice League Movie

The Justice League movie may be moving forward full steam now, but it’ll be doing so without Brandon Routh as Superman and Christian Bale as Batman, or so says a source for Moviehole. They mention that although Bale and Routh won’t be reprising their superhero cinematic alter egos in the Justice League movie, they will continue the characters in their respective franchises. As well, Superman and Batman WILL be in the JLA movie (how could it be a JLA movie without them?), they just won’t be played by Bale and Routh. And yes, apparently George Miller has all but been confirmed as director.

More from Moviehole:

Yes, its true that Brandon Routh and Christian Bale won’t be starring as Superman and Batman, respectively, in the “Justice League” movie – but they will both still be starring in the stand-alone “Superman” and “Batman” sequels. So don’t fret fans, there will only be a new Bats and Supes for the team-up movie.

I was speaking to a pal at Warner Bros this morning who let slip that the “Justice League” movie is just as full-steam ahead as the rumours suggest it is. It will definitely be up next year.

A casting director for the movie will be onboard next week and it’s then that they’ll be going after their tighted strongmen.

Director George Miller (“Mad Max”) has some ideas who he’d like to cast as Batman and Superman but naturally, they mightn’t be the same faces the WB want. Either way, doesn’t sound like Christian Bale or Brandon Routh will be involved in the film. I assume that’s a financial thing.

Moviehole has always gotten their news scoops right, so I’m going to go with this being true and move on.

And so should fans of the JLA movie. There’s no reason Bale and Routh SHOULD be in the movie — once Bale slips on the cowl and Routh dons the suit, they’re no longer Bale and Routh anyway, and the characters takes over. Especially in the case of Bale; once the cowl comes on, it could be Sylvester Stallone behind the eye holes and we wouldn’t know the difference.

In any case, with the amount of superheroes that will be in this movie, the actors will be less important than the special effects and the director. Miller is a good director, and although I’m not sure an old guy should be directing a comic book movie, he seems very capable.

Meanwhile, IESB brings some disturbing news — that the Justice League movie might be CGI using the same method that was used on “Beowulf” instead of live-action! Say it ain’t so!

We have just received an interesting email that indicates the Justice League of America film might be headed to the world of Motion Capture!

I wasn’t sure about the validity of the email, so I went in search of some confirmation. I got it. I got confirmation from several sources from ILM to Rhythm and Hues that said the same thing. From what we are hearing, there may be some truth to this, but again, right now it’s a rumor and we will post final confirmation if this is true or not when we have it.

Eh, maybe I was right not to get too excited about this “movie”…

Bale and Routh Not in Justice League Movie