Bane Sounds Kinda Ashmatic in New Dark Knight Rises Set Video

You’ve already seen what Bane will look like (official and otherwise) in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rise”, due out in 2012, now here what he’ll sound like. I dunno what I was expecting, to be honest. Maybe a little scarier? Then again, you don’t get the sense of “volume” in comic books, so who knows, really. Maybe they’ll fix it all up in post.

Apparently in the scene before this, Bane (Tom Hardy) blows up a part of Heinz Field (well, not really) and then delivers this stern message to the folks of Gotham City. The football team is the Gotham Rogues, by the by. Here’s the setup:

…appears to revolve around Bane barging in during a Gotham football game and destroying part of the stadium, striking fear in all those Gotham citizens attending the game. Bane then gets on the microphone and tells Gotham to take back their city, eventually marching an unknown hostage out in front of the crowd.

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