Bangkok Dangerous Featurette Doesn’t Look That Bad

I gotta admit, I don’t have a whole lot of faith that the “Bangkok Dangerous” remake will be all that good, mostly because, well, the original wasn’t exactly brilliant stuff to begin with, and the guys who made the original is also making the remake. And yes, the fact that the movie will not be screened for critics is a big tell. You know the kind of big tell that, if you showed it in a poker game, you would lose your house, your cat, and your ex-wife? Yeah, it’s that big. But then again, this featurette for the movie looks pretty good. Or at least, not quite as crappy as I thought it would be.

The film stars Nicolas Cage as one of those hitmen who is doing just one last job before he retires to live on a beach in Tora Bora. You know, the usual hitmen movie bullshit storyline. Of course, the last job turns out to be the most difficult job of his life, and before you know it, he’s running around shooting up Bangkok. The Pang Brothers directs.

“Bangkok Dangerous” opens this Friday.