Banlieue 13 Sequel Banlieue 14 Set for July Start Date

If you haven’t seen “Banlieue 13”, it’s basically the anti-thesis of what you probably think a “French movie” is all about. It barely has any story, there is zero stabs at artsy pretensions (not a single suicidal clown in the bunch, imagine that), and the whole thing is really one long, 90-minute excuse to watch the film’s two male leads demonstrate their parkour skills. What is parkour? It’s something so cool that whenever I type it, I have to use italics. Yes, it’s that awesome cool.

Obviously something that cool begs to be sequelized. Luckily for us, French action producer Luc Besson, who rumor has it writes a new action movie for an International audience in lieu of sleeping each night, feels the same way, and is gearing up “Banlieue 14” for a July 2008 start date.

The boys at Twitch has more:

Thats right, the good folks at is reporting the sequel to the 2004 french jaw-dropping parkour actioner is underway. Luc Besson returns as the scriptwriter while director Pierre Morel will not. Helming the sequel instead is Patrick Alessandrin, the director of some french comedies including Mean Spirit and August 15th. He also serve as an assistant director to Luc Besson’s Subway. No word yet on the plot details or if stunt actors David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli would return… Filming is expected to begin in July and run throughout till October.

The 2004 original was set in the near future, and featured a ghetto-ized France, where gangs rule entire city blocks and — oh who are we kidding. It’s a big, dumb, expensive, and barely credible movie built on the flimsiest of screenplays, and notable only if you love action movies performed by crazy French dudes that like to scale the sides of buildings with nothing but their finger tips.

And oh yeah, it also co-starred a French actress who also used to be a famous porno actress. She’s the one with the big gun in her hand in the pic below.

Banlieue 13 Sequel