Batgirl Rises in Teaser for a New Fan Made Short Film

Batgirl Rises

Director Vincent Tran last gave us the Supergirl fan short “Girl of Steel,” and now he’s back to further explore the D.C. Universe’s roster of supergals with Batgirl in “Batgirl Rises.” It’s just a short minute-long teaser, and unless I missed something, Barbara Gordon never dons the costume. I guess they’re saving that up for the full short set to be released later this year.

Check it out, fanboys.

A young determined librarian desperately seeks the truth, after her brothers disappearance, with a mysterious woman.

Starring Lindsay Heath as Barbara Gordon, Constance Brenneman as Harleen Quinzel, Devon Coull as James Gordon Jr., and Angel Granger as Johnny Vitti.

Watch the entire fan made film this November 3rd.

Batgirl Rises – Teaser (2014) Lindsay Heath, Constance Brenneman from vincent tran on Vimeo.

Here’s “Girl of Steel” from the same guys if you missed it:

Girl of Steel – Fan Film (2014) HD from vincent tran on Vimeo.