Batman 3 Rumor: 3 Inception Stars Up for Riddler?


Yeah, this doesn’t seem very likely at all.

Buuuuuuuuuuut … according to CBM, quoting “unnamed sources” deep within the bowels of Warner Bros. (actually, an intern who used to work there), the studio is considering three actors for the role of The Riddler in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming and still-untitled “Batman 3″. And all three actors just happen to have been in Nolan’s last movie together, “Inception”.

They are: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, long thought to be the frontrunner and fanboy favorite for the role of The Riddler; “Inception” star Leonardo DiCaprio; and Tom Hardy, who is quickly poised to become the next Sam Worthington. Meaning, guy’s being considered for everything nowadays.

Right off the bat, you can probably take Leonardo DiCaprio’s name out of the running. Why? Because studios and directors don’t “consider” Leonardo “I’m King of the World!” DiCaprio for movie roles, DiCaprio considers them. Meaning, the guy is way too big to be “in the running” for any role, even something like “Batman 3″. Granted, the Riddler would be a pretty big and juicy part, and after what it did for Heath Ledger’s career (if not, alas, his life), lots of people will be up for it. Even so, at this stage in his career, Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t put himself “in the running” for movies, movies put themselves in the running to have the privilege of him starring in them.

So, that out of the way.

Tom Hardy? I don’t see this one, either. Hardy is insanely busy right now, and it seems highly unlikely he’ll be able to commit to “Batman 3″ and another long Nolan movie with, according to reports, two “Mad Max” movies set for sometime early next year. Besides a potentially year-long (or thereabouts) wandering in a post-apocalyptic Australia in his near future, Hardy’s already lined up the action-comedy “This Means War”. So where exactly does that leave him time to do “Batman 3″ sometime in 2011 to make the film’s already announced 2012 release date? I don’t see it happening.

Which leaves us with … Joseph Gordon-Levitt as still the best choice for the Riddler.

Unless, of course, Nolan decides the Riddler is too jokey for his Bat-verse, in which case this is all moot. At this point, although the script is said to be finished, we still have no idea who the villain (or villains) will be for part three. For purely personal reasons, I would rather see Batman face a physically tougher foe than one that relies on gimmicks like The Riddler, but that’s just me.

'Hellooooooooooo. Jim Carrey here. Call me, Chris!'

Author: Nix

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  • Nycsportzfan

    i’d still like to see penguin, maybe a Phillip Seymour hoffman, as a crimeboss who hires bane to take care of batman or something like that.. Maybe Channing Tatum as bane.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    I’m sorry Channing Tatum as Bane? Have you SEEN Bane? Channing Tatum? Really? Um maybe someone like Nathan Jones playing the character with someone else doing the voice(Hector Elizondo did a good job in the cartoon as did everyone else that’s played him, Jarvier Burdem wouldn’t be bad, or even benicio Del Toro. Bane is South AMerican).
    Hoffman would make a decent Penguin though, but I’d actually prefer Bob Hoskins. Watch Unleashed and you can see how bad he can be.

    • Tony

      Good idea about Bob Hoskins… Never thought of him be Penguin. He really has the look and his voice is pretty sinister sounding.

      • Dedpool aka Jiinx

        Exactly why I’d pick him over Hoffman. I’d have him cool calm and collected but when he loses it he goes into Penguin mode with the squaking!! Penguin as a refined english arms dealer with an affinity for birds, and aspirations of running Gotham’s underworld. His hit new club The Iceberg Lounge is a front for his opperations and he already has most of Gotham in his pocket…just give me a credit somewhere DC/WB. LoL

  • Rockxhero

    I want to see Catwoman in this series REALLY BAD! & I think I’d like it to be Angelina Jolie! She has the physique to do it, or maybe Yvonne Strahovski.

    Other than her, I don’t know who I’d like to see, but I’m w/ the reviewer. I want to see Batman fight someone tough again, & not just be a mentally challenging villian. If we had a physical villian & a evil genius though, that could work.

    Also, what about introducing a Dick Grayson storyline?..