Batman and, er, Son in First Trailer for Son of Batman Animated Movie

Son of Batman (2014) Movie Image

Man, D.C. and Warner Bros. are really cranking these original animated movies out. I didn’t even know they were doing a “Son of Batman” movie until this first trailer and image (above) for the flick showed up at TV Guide. Go figure.

The premise, based on the comic book arc by Grant Morrison, finds Batman learning that his former lover Talia has been hiding a son from him all this time. (Some Detective you turn out to be, Bats.) The little tyke is in danger because one-eyed fiend Deathstroke is gunning for him. What’s Bats to do? Turn the kid into Robin, of course. I mean, what else is Batman gonna do? He’s the friggin Batman, after all.

The voice cast for the animated movie includes Jason O’Mara as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Stuart Allan as Damian, Morena Baccarin as Talia, Giancarlo Esposito as Ra’s Al Ghul, David McCallum as Alfred, Xander Berkeley as Man-Bat, and Thomas Gibson as Deathstroke.

If you’re keeping track at home, this will be O’Mara’s second time as Batman, following up on “Justice League: War.” Looks like “Son of Batman” won’t be out until “Justice League: War,” which is scheduled for early February.

(For a minute there, I was all excited and thought it was about the Sons of the Batman from Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns.” No such luck, as it turns out.)