Batman and Superman Will Team Up Before Flash, Justice League Movie (UPDATED)


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All the hubbub in Geek Fandom today is all about what Warner Bros. will be announcing when they take the stage of Hall H later today at San Diego’s Comic Con. Various media outlets are reporting lots of different things, but there seems to be a consensus that Warner has something big, very big, planned for Superman, Batman, and the Justice League.

And oh yeah, a guy name Flash who can run really, really fast, too.

THR believes they have the inside scoop, and reports that Warner will be announcing a Batman/Superman team-up movie for 2015. The film, they say, will be directed by “Man of Steel’s” Zack Snyder, with Henry Cavill expected back as Superman. (Snyder has since confirmed this over at Comic Con via Warner’s Twitter feed.)

Christian Bale in Batman Begins (2005) Movie ImageAs for Batman? That’s the big question. Christian Bale has already said he has no plans to return without Christopher Nolan, and as just mentioned, Snyder is directing the movie. Then again, Nolan also “Godfathered” Snyder’s “Man of Steel”, so maybe he could chat up ol Christian and voila … Christian Bale and Henry Cavill in “Batman and Superman”!

(Reports flooding out of the Warner panel at Comic Con have this Batman/Superman movie being “Man of Steel 2″, though they might end up calling it something else. “World’s Finest”, perhaps? Of course, they’ll probably just go with something like “Batman and Superman”, or even “Man of Steel 2″.)

And this all leads into that “Justice League” movie, right? Yes, but apparently not right away. The trade says Warner will then jump onboard the speeding train that is a “Flash” movie for 2016, and it’s only then will they launch a full-scale “Justice League” movie … in 2017.

Of course, Batman and Superman have been teaming up (and fighting each other) for decades now in the comics, including a series of books called “World’s Finest”. They’ve always been pretty friendly (and in some cases, BFFs) in most of the D.C. books, except for some “alt world” stories such as Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”, which found Bats and Supes on opposite sides and, usually, fighting each other in some pretty nasty throwdowns. Miller’s story was recently turned into the original animated movie “The Dark Knight Returns”.

Batman and Superman in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns

The announcement of a “Flash” movie is surprising. Ryan Reynolds has long been attached to that role, but after he jumped ship to “Green Lantern”, I don’t suppose it’s possible for him to do the role anymore (especially in the same cinematic movie universe). Chris Evans sorta did it with The Human Torch in “The Fantastic Four” and then Captain America in “Captain America: The First Avenger”, but those movies were for two different studios.

In any case, I’m still not sure why you would commit to a Flash movie before any other Justice League characters, though. I like the idea of a Flash movie, but frankly I’m not sure how it would work. The only way I can see it happening is if they really nerf his powers. I.e. no more ability to run back in time! It’s hard to fight a guy who can run so fast he time-travels, ya know?

A “Justice League” movie in 2017, on the other hand, is not unexpected.

UPDATE: Warner has now made the Batman/Superman team-up official, also confirming that Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane are also expected back, along with Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas, Benjamin Melniker and Michael E. Uslan as producers.

Says Snyder in a statement:

I’m so excited to begin working again with Henry Cavill in the world we created, and I can’t wait to expand the DC Universe in this next chapter. Let’s face it, it’s beyond mythological to have Superman and our new Batman facing off, since they are the greatest Super Heroes in the world.

So, Christian, pick up that phone when Nolan calls, cause I get the feeling he might be calling soon…

Justice League by Alex Ross

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    I guaran-f*cking-tee you that Christian Bale will be returning for this team up…. especially since Nolan is still on board with these projects. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that Nolan’s Batman can’t work in Snyder’s Man of Steel universe ….anyone who doesn’t think so, is just being short sighted.

    • Antonio Basara

      there is no possible way they could make nolan`s batman work in this universe… an old man who gave up the cape so he could spend time with catwoman? bane who isn`t realy bane? no superpowers in his universe? just reboot him and make him more powerfull…

      • jonas

        The cold fusion bomb at the end of Rises, places Batman in superhero territory.

        • Juggernaut

          Absolutely. ‘Rises’ was definitely the most comic book-esque of the trilogy.
          While it could definitely work and would be cool to see Bale return for continuity’s sake, I would rather see a new Batman introduced.
          Have Lex come in and be playing on humanity’s fear and has a vendetta against Superman. Bruce shows up as a business associate of Lex’s who is going to help Metropolis be rebuilt after the events of MOS. It would and could work however, it would essentially undo everything that ‘Rises’ did which would be a shame.

          • Dedpool

            I agree Rises was definitely the most comic book-ish, but that said it should not be included in this world. Bale’s Batman is done. That’s it. He can’t physcially do it anymore, and if he does he will end up getting killed. Let’s not have that in this new world. A new Batman and a new take on the character is needed. I really want to see a good COMIC version of the character where he’s the world’s greatest detective, top fighter, and ten steps ahead of everyone else. JGL playing Bruce as a nod would’ve been interesting though. As for all your other questions Juggy, slow down, and let them get through “Worlds Finest” first.

          • Red Rowz

            Totally agree. And just because Nolan is onboard, why would he want to tarnish his completed Trilogy? Bale and Nolan both know that chapter in cinema has closed.

      • Nathan Summers

        I see your point and agree that things were unnecessarily too grounded in Nolan’s universe, but I still see them pursuing Bale’s Dark Knight…. For the record, I wanna see a new Batman. One done with material closer to the comic source. I even think Batman’s look could be a lot better also and things like his suit looking less like costume armor (that’s all I ever saw when Bale wore the outfit…especially the black eye makeup). HOPEFULLY, Snyder will do something interestingly different with this ‘new’ Batman…all the way around.

  • Juggernaut

    Great news on all fronts! Although I was hoping for a Superman only sequel, this team-up idea is really cool. Followed up by a stand alone flash film then a JL movie is a solid plan. There are obviously still a lot of unanswered questions though. Is bale returning as Batman? If not, who will be be cast to play that part? Who will be playing Flash? Which Flash are they going to use? Where does Green Lantern fit into the equation Whew. ? If he is in the mix is Reynolds’ version coming back? If not who else could play GL? Will they go for the John Stewart or Kyle Raynor versions? Where is Aquaman and Wonder Woman in the line-up? Whew, this is going to be an intense year and a half.

    • jonas

      If they are smart, they better choose John Stewart. He is the serious (no wacky mind constructs) GL.

      • Dedpool

        He’s an architect! I really love how Hal broke down each of the Lanterns and how they manifest their abilities in “GL: Rebirth” He says Kyle is always sketching and redesigning his because he’s an artist and his imagination knows no bounds, Guy’s is like a faucet, with energy always ready to burst through, John’s are always solid inside and out because he uses his architectual knowledge, and Kilowog is’ the only ring that makes actual sound when it fires because of how much power he puts out. Morris Chestnut as John Stewart for the win!

  • ErickKwon

    Would be great to see JG-L play Bruce Wayne/Batman. Can’t think of too many other known, young-ish actors who could pull off the “public” Wayne’s suave/douchebag exterior and the intensity that “private” Wayne and Batman needs. And it would be a really fun and meta way to reboot Batman while acknowledging the Nolan trilogy. On a sidenote, why are Nolan fans so obtuse when it comes to a reboot/restart of Batman? I’ve read so much on the blogosphere and the twitterverse from fans who decree that this Batman needs to be this or that so that it fits into the “Nolanverse”, or this Batman needs to be completely divorced from it. Considering how many retcons and reboots both DC and Marvel have thrown at readers, is it so hard to accept that the same thing is happening here? It’d be great if Snyder and Goyer pick and choose from the Nolan trilogy and surprise us with minor or major changes to established movie lore, which is exactly what happens anytime DC or Marvel pull a rewrite. I for one would love to see either the tumbler or the Bat return in Batman’s arsenal, or Michael Caine and Gary Oldman make cameos.

  • Online72

    A shame the movie characters won’t look (or, be cast to fit) the paintings of Alex Ross. I fear we’ll be fed more of the ’52.

  • Dedpool

    This could work pretty well. if they use this movie to start really setting up this world it’d be great. I have a pretty decent, in my opinion anyway, idea of how this could all work. This movie would introduce Lex Luthor, as well as some other DC Universe characters and things, like more STAR Labs, kryptonite, etc. I have an idea for a story, but the final after credits scene would be what really makes it. Batman has called Superman to the Batcave after their adventure. He arrives floating down through the cave and sees Batman staring at his bank of monitors. The Large one is split into different scenes through the country. “You’ve been busy I see” he says to Batman. “I told you you weren’t alone, I just hope they’re not as much of a headache as you are.” Superman just smiles. The split screen shows different news broadcasts from around the country about amazing feats being spotted in cities. A red and yellow blur moving a crowd of people from under a falling scalfold, an ocean liner that was sinking being saved by a group of humpback whales, an airplane stopped from crashing by a giant green baseball glove, etc.

  • Dedpool

    Okay here’s some story ideas I think would work to a point.
    We take a nod from Smallville (And the Superman/Batman comics) and have a meteor shower hit earth. Star Labs, LexCorp Science Division, and Wayne Tech all get samples of the mysterious alien rock. During the shower a plane is hit and Superman has to save it but a chunk is caugh in the plane wing and is slowly draining his powers. He realizes this and wraps some of it in some lead lined metal and takes it to the Fortress for examination. Meanhwile Batman has seen the footage of the rescue and notes his depowered state. Superman realizing this could be used against him decides to try and get rid of it all. LexCorp is trying to use it as a power source and has also been hired by the government to come up with a failsafe should Superman turn rogue. The Metal-0 project is begun, headed by Joh Henry Irons. Wayne Tech has discovered that the element gives off a radiation that effects humans as well, and when mixed with other chemicals can give abilities, but is addictive and can become harmful. Wayne tech scraps the project but not before a spy for Maximillian Zeus steals a large sample and copies the information. Maxy Zeus then used the chemical compound on himself, giving him super strength and lightning abilities. He quickly starts a campaign to denounce the city’s reliance on a vigilante, and that he is the new hero of Gotham. Meanwhile the Metal-0 project has gone awry, the radiation from the kryptonite has caused the test subject to violently act out. Superman faces off against him and barely survives. He creates a suit and goes about collecting all known samples of Kryptonite, leading to a confrontation with Batman and Wayne tech. After the misunderstanding is cleared up, Zeus arrives saying he will destroy them both and be the hero of the world after the world see’s them as threats. Metal-0 shows up and it becomes a two on two battle. In the end we find out Luthor sabotaged the design for the Metal-0 project causing corben to lose his mind in order to justify a design by himself.

    • Juggernaut

      Cool idea!

      • Dedpool

        Thanks. I actully had to sit back and think that through to make it work.