Batman Fan Film: City of Scars

Ah, fan films. How can you ever get enough of them? At their best, they remind us why we love the character in the first place, and make us wonder why the studio can’t get anywhere close to their quality. At their worst, they feature bad actors reciting bad dialogue. Most fan films fall somewhere in-between — a combination of wonderful visuals mixed in with community theater-level scripting and acting. “Batman: City of Scars” is one of those. I would recommend watching it with the sound turned off, because the running voiceover is insufferably tedious.

MTV says the fan film is from Aaron Schoenke and his father Sean, and took 21 days to shoot, the production spaced out over 16 months. The whole thing cost $27,000 to make, and runs a whopping 30 minutes, an eternity in terms of fan films. Batman is played by Kevin Porter, a working actor in Hollywood (he had a bit part in “Daredevil”), and Paul Molnar is the joker. Madelynn Rae plays Harley Quinn, the Joker’s jailbait sidekick.

What do you think?