Batman: Gotham Knight Sneak Peek

Originally I wasn’t all that interested in D.C.’s upcoming direct-to-DVD animated movie “Batman: Gotham Knight”. Sure, I liked the TV show (in its various incarnations), but after a while, there’s only so much Batman stories you can tell. Then again, after seeing what kind of grown-up animation D.C. had done with “Justice League”, “Batman: Gotham Knight” is actually looking pretty good now.

Anime-inspired direct-to-DVD anthology film. Comprised of six short stories, from diverse creators, including Academy Award-nominated Josh Olsen (A History of Violence), Batman Begins writer David S. Goyer, and comics scribe Brian Azzarello. It’s planned for a release window of two to four weeks prior to the release of The Dark Knight, and would bridge the gap between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Here’s a video sneak peek at the upcoming movie, to be released July 8th by D.C. and Warner Bros.