Batman is Like Totally Cramping Gordon’s Style

SNL Batman Short with Steve Buscemi

In the fight against those who would taint the decency of Gotham City’s citizens, it’s up to Commissioner Jim Gordon and his ally, Batman, aka the Dark Knight, to bust heads and keep people safe. It’s most certainly an excellent alliance, and works out for both sides. Batman has an “inside man” in the police department, and Gordon gets an “outside man” who can bust heads without having to follow all that bothersome procedure stuff.

Of course, what happens when one half of that team-up goes a bit too far?

The blokes at Saturday Night Live were apparently wondering the same thing, and so gave us this digital short film featuring this week’s host, Steve Buscemi, as Jim Gordon, as he attempts to deal with a way-too-intrusive Batman. Also starring Andy Samberg as Batman and the usual SNL suspects, including Kristen Wiig as Gordon’s wife.

Via : CBM