Batman vs. Superman Billboard in I am Legend

You may have already heard about it — there is a scene early on in “I am Legend” (I’m still writing a review for it, by the way) early in the film where Will Smith is in a deserted Times Square, and as the camera slowly pans, there is a giant “Batman vs. Superman” poster/billboard staring right back at you. It looks like advertising for “Batman vs. Superman”, and since the world of “I am Legend” has remained unchanged since 2009, what are the filmmakers trying to tell us?

SuperHeroHype has some background on the billboard:

[I am Legend writer Akiva] Goldsman was once attached to a real Batman vs. Superman movie, but the script didn’t get the green light. He also wrote Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

In the movie, even though it is 2012, the virus hit in 2009, so Goldsman thought about which movies “could” possibly come to theaters in ’09.

Thanks to reader Greg, who emailed me the “Batman vs. Superman” billboard from the movie. I have no idea where Greg got it, so don’t ask.

Batman vs. Superman Billboard from I am Legend

Another, cleaner look at the same billboard from a DVD grab:

Batman vs. Superman Billboard from I am Legend