Batman Writer Calls Bullshit on Batman 3 Rumors

There’s probably only two people right now who knows what, and who, will be in the as-yet-untitled third installment of the “Batman Begins” reboot — writer David Goyer, who has co-penned both “Batman Begins” flicks (and just about every other comic book-themed project to come down the pipe, or so it seems like), and co-writer/director Christopher Nolan. And since Nolan has disappeared to an island somewhere, probably never to be seen again for a while, it’s up to David Goyer to dispel all those wacky rumors circulating around the third “Batman Begins” film. You know the ones, right? The Angelina Jolie as Catwoman, Johnny Depp as the Riddler, and so on. Most of those rumors have since been squashed by the actors themselves, and you would think they would know which movie they’ll be in, right? Granted, actors are a vacuous bunch, but that seems pretty basic.

Here’s what Goyer told MTV regarding all those rumors:

“It’s all B.S.,” [Goyer] said. “ALL of it.”

That means, no, Nolan has not signed on (yet). No, there is no casting, let alone TALK, of villains, and, no, nobody is certain to return.

“Chris and I haven’t even talked about it. He quite understandably is taking a long, long vacation and wants to purge himself,” Goyer said.

“We have mused here and there [but] I mean Chris is pretty much a one movie at a time kind of guy,” Goyer said. “I wish I could tell you more. There really isn’t anything to tell.

“If and when [Chris is] ready to talk – we’ll talk,” he promised.

If you ask me, I think David Goyer is part of the conspiracy to keep us from seeing Angelina Jolie slink around the screen in a skin-tight black leather S&M outfit and go “Meow” while she’s licking various objects that may or may not be phallic in nature around the room. Come on, David, stop this madness!

Ahem. Anyways, as the man says, everything you’ve heard surrounding “Batman Begins 3” so far is all B.S.

Below: Batman schmatman. Angelina Jolie + skin-tight black leather = box office gold. Am I right or am I right?

Angelina Jolie