Battleship Storms to #1 Overseas

Battleship (2012) Movie International Character PosterWhatever happens to Peter Berg’s “Battleship” at home, it seems the alien invasion actioner will do just fine overseas. Not a big surprise, as big-budget Hollywood action movies always do better overseas than at home, where the language barrier isn’t much of an issue when stuff are blowing up real good all the time.

Deadline reports that “Battleship”, opening in multiple territories a full month before its U.S. debut in middle of May, is poised to take in around $300 million, perhaps more when all is said and done. In fact, by the time Stateside audiences get their hands on “Battleship”, everyone else in the world will have already seen it — well, except Paraguay and Canada, which gets the movie the same time as us.

This is actually very good news for me. I’ve always been a fan of Peter Berg, and the entire reason he did “Battleship” at all (a film that, admittedly, looks like a pretty routine sci-fi alien invasion actioner) was so Universal would then fund his Afghanistan-set war movie “Lone Survivor”, the true story of a group of Navy SEALs caught behind enemy lines. With “Battleship” doing as well as it’s doing overseas, everything at home will be gravy, and Berg should be able to write his own ticket for his follow-up.

Bring on “Lone Survivor”!