Battleship’s Taylor Kitsch May Take on The Raid Remake

Taylor Kitsch in Lone Survivor (2013) Movie Image

Hollywood’s upcoming remake of Gareth Evans’ “The Raid” already has a director in Patrick Hughes, who is coming off “The Expendables 3,” along with a screenwriter in Brad Ingelsby, but it still needs a star.

Is that Taylor Kitsch?

Word from The Wrap is that the “Battleship,” “John Carter,” and most recently, “Lone Survivor” star has been offered the lead in the upcoming movie, but apparently there’s a chance Kitsch might end up doing HBO’s critically acclaimed “True Detective” instead — or do both, one after another.

The remake will closely follow Evans’ original, following “an elite Indonesian SWAT that gets trapped inside a building run by a vicious gangster and his thugs.” Much ass kicking and killing commences. It’s basically also the same premise for the “Dredd” remake.

The 2011 film, originally titled “The Raid: Redemption,” cemented the international presence of Evans and his star, Iko Uwais. The duo have since re-teamed for a second time on the sequel, “The Raid: Berendal.”

If Kitsch does end up signing on, here’s what he’ll be doing a lot of (except, you know, probably a lot slower and less convincing):