Battleship’s Taylor Kitsch May Take on The Raid Remake


Taylor Kitsch in Lone Survivor (2013) Movie Image

Hollywood’s upcoming remake of Gareth Evans’ “The Raid” already has a director in Patrick Hughes, who is coming off “The Expendables 3,” along with a screenwriter in Brad Ingelsby, but it still needs a star.

Is that Taylor Kitsch?

Word from The Wrap is that the “Battleship,” “John Carter,” and most recently, “Lone Survivor” star has been offered the lead in the upcoming movie, but apparently there’s a chance Kitsch might end up doing HBO’s critically acclaimed “True Detective” instead — or do both, one after another.

The remake will closely follow Evans’ original, following “an elite Indonesian SWAT that gets trapped inside a building run by a vicious gangster and his thugs.” Much ass kicking and killing commences. It’s basically also the same premise for the “Dredd” remake.

The 2011 film, originally titled “The Raid: Redemption,” cemented the international presence of Evans and his star, Iko Uwais. The duo have since re-teamed for a second time on the sequel, “The Raid: Berendal.”

If Kitsch does end up signing on, here’s what he’ll be doing a lot of (except, you know, probably a lot slower and less convincing):

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  • Malikye

    why are they remaking this? It is perfect the way it is! I enjoyed Taylor Kitsch in his movies, it’s just unfortunate that the movies he was in was bad. But I can’t see him doing the fighting moves that Iko Uwais did in the original Raid movies. This will end badly for the studio if they remake this for the American audience.

    • Dedpool

      Because remaking foreign films is what movie studios do, on both sides of the world. Japan (or was it Korea) just remade Unforgiven. Personally I think a Raid remake could work, like the Departed if done right. Personally though I don’t think Kitsch is the right person. I’d actually switch it up entirely and go with Michael Jai White in the main role.

      • Anubis

        Ok, I was initially pissed off when reading this article until you mentioned Micael Jai White down here. Now, I’m all aboard if they did decide to go that route. Which whey probably won’t… So now I’m back to being pissed.

        • Dedpool

          LMAO!!! Me too!

        • Malikye

          did you see Michael Jai White in Black Dynamite? He kicked some ass in that movie so he might be perfect for the American Raid remake.

          • 0ptik

            If you thought he kicked ass in Black Dynamite, try Undisputed 2, or Blood and Bone.

          • Dedpool

            Yeah I love those flicks!!!

  • Guest

    Okay, honestly, is he getting the offered the part because of the “Battleship” poster?

  • Guest

    Okay, is Kitsch getting offered the job because of the “Battleship” poster?

    • Dedpool


  • Sauron

    Yet another fail of Hollywood to copy asian movies … pathetic.

    • Sauron

      And … non matial artist to play that kind of movie … cmon. I agree with the comments below about Michael Jai White and also imo Jason Stathem would be perfect.

    • Dedpool

      You do realize they copy our movies too. Not as often, but they do. just did Unforgiven, and even What Women Want. And we did pretty good with The Departed, and I actually liked the Old Boy remake.

  • Arthur

    The “remake side” of Hollywood has gotten RIDICULOUS!!! “The Raid” should not be remade. It and its sequel as pure awesome and need no subpar remake. Hollywood has remade so many fantastic films like: A Tale of Two Sisters, Ringu, Old Boy, Shutter, One Missed Call, The Eye, Ju-on, Dark Water, Let The Right One In, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Into The Mirror and others. And the remakes have fallen well short of the originals with the exception of maybe Matt Reeve’s shot-by-shot remake “Let Me In” and the remake for “The Ring”. There was even talk of remaking Death Note, Battle Royale and South Korea’s The Host. “A Tale of Two Sisters” should have never been remade; the remake was an insult to original film director’s vision and work. The original versions of “Shutter”, “The Eye”, “Ju-on” and “Dark Water” were bone-chilling and no remakes were necessary. And a remake for “Old Boy” was a huge mistake. I read somewhere that they are remaking Takashi Miike’s horrifying “Audition”. When is this going to stop?!!!

    • Dedpool