Battlestar Galactica: Razor Movie Plot Details

Cheer up, Battlestar Galactica fans. So your favorite depressing sci-fi show will come back with a fourth and final season, but at least you have two specially ordered BSG movies to look forward to. (And wasn’t there talk about a prequel-set spin-off show?) The first original movie, to premiere in November, is “Battlestar Galactica: Razor”, which as expected will fill in the details of the Battlestar Pegasus and her soon-to-be-doomed crew, including her captain, Admiral Helena Cain (Michelle Forbes). SyFy Portal has your details about the upcoming 2-hour “Razor”, which will air first on the Sci Fi Channel before hitting DVDs thanks to some rights loophole that forbids a BSG movie unless it premieres on TV first. I think.

More from SyFy Portal:

Michelle Forbes — introduced to genre fans as the Bajoran Ensign Ro in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” — will reprise her role as the iron-balled admiral in the telemovie, proving to viewers that her sunny disposition wasn’t exactly the result of the Cylons annihilating nearly all of the human race. Cain is fighting some demons of her own, one of the biggest ones stretching back to the original Cylon War 40 years before where she watched her parents executed by the 1970s versions of the living machines, and being forced to make the impossible decision of leaving her little sister behind in an effort to save herself.

But the biggest skeleton in Cain’s closet will finally come out, so to speak. Remember the disgust Cain had for Gina (Tricia Helfer), the Number Six Cylon prisoner she was holding on Pegasus by the time the military vessel met up with the Galactica? Well, things weren’t always that bad between the two ladies. In fact, before her exposure as a Cylon, things were much, much, much, much different.

“Cain and Gina were quite close,” a source tells SyFy Portal. “In fact, they were lovers. We don’t exactly come out and say it, but you’d have to be sleeping through the middle of all this to not pick up on their relationship.”

Ooooh, sci-fi lesbians! Leave it to BSG to delve into this.

And oh yeah, those old, clunky Cylon robots from the 1970s ABC series will make a re-appearance, except this time they will be all CGI.