Battlestar keeps on battling!

BSG1(Article by Tony G.) Battlestar Galactica is awesome!

I never thought I’d get to say that on Beyond Hollywood, but I’m happy to have found a news item relating to a possible Battlestar movie. Now it’s only rumours and speculation at the moment, after producer David Eick mentioned he’d like to get a feature film made. and quite honestly my hopes are low. I just can’t imagine this happening, especially with the fact that creator Ronald D. Moore has decided to wrap things up and finish the show in Season 4 (which will end next year). There just doesn’t seem to be any purpose to put it on the big screen, except to please a few million diehard fans.

However what I find even more interesting is the idea that Glen Larson, the man behind the original incarnation of Battlestar Galactica back in the 70s, has always had a plan to make a feature film based on his universe (the new version is one of those re-imagined concepts). I love that idea, as the original series was brilliant (yet very silly) entertainment, and I wonder what they could do in a big budget movie.

The only question would be, who exactly would want to see it? I have absolutely no idea, but on a purely selfish level, I’m hoping this gets made!

You can find the story here at JoBlo.