Baz Luhrmann’s Australia Gets New, Happier Ending – SPOILERS!

Oh, movie studios — is there anything you won’t do in service of pursuing the almighty buck? Probably not. In any case, in news that is apparently turning the continent of Australia upside down (or maybe not), the suits over at Twentieth Century Fox have decided, after some very bad reviews, that Baz Luhrmann’s expensive mega epic “Australia” (the film has clocked in at a reported $120 million dollar budget and runs for over 3 hours long) needs a new, happier ending. This, after some reviewers have declared “Australia” a “tragic epic” and bemoan the fate of one of the main characters. As always, this post will SPOIL THE ENDING OF “AUSTRALIA”, so do not read on unless you wish to know.





In the original ending of “Australia”, Hugh Jackman’s character, The Drover, dies at the end of the movie. After complaints from reviewers regarding that ending, Fox has now pressured Luhrmann to save Wolverine’s life, and the Aussie director seems to have complied with the studio’s demands.

From Australia’s Herald Sun:

STILL in the editing room for his big-budget epic Australia with two weeks until the premiere, Baz Luhrmann has bowed to studio pressure for a happy ending.

Luhrmann’s initial cut – which ran for more than three hours – ended with Hugh Jackman’s character, The Drover, dying in the final scenes.

After disastrous reviews from test screenings, Twentieth Century Fox executives decided the film’s final moments should be more uplifting.

One test-screening audience member described the film as “an action-filled tragedy” and urged Luhrmann to change the ending.

In the film, Nicole Kidman plays a wealthy, stuck-up aristocrat (you know, your usual Nicole Kidman role) who inherits a ranch in Australia during the outbreak of World War II. As dastardly land owners circle her ranch, Kidman’s character is forced to rely on Hugh Jackman’s Drover character to get her cattle to market in order to save it. During the long journey, they must survive Japanese bombing and, predictably, fall in love. And then Wolvie dies at the end.

Well, not anymore, of course.

Below: Hugh Jackman is too hunky to die.