BBC TV News: Peter Capaldi is the New Doctor Who and Sherlock Season 3 Promo


Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in Sherlock

For the half dozen of you reading this site who also enjoys your fair share of BBC TV goodness, here are a pair of BBC TV news that might interest you.

Up first is news that the network has officially chosen 55-year old Glasgow actor Peter Capaldi as their new Doctor Who. He will be the 12th Doctor for those of you keeping track at home. And for those who were hoping the BBC might finally think “outside the box” in terms of casting, all I can say is … um, sorry?

Peter Capaldi in The Hour

Unless you watch a lot of British TV, you probably have no idea who Capaldi is. His biggest non-Brit TV role to date is probably in the Brad Pitt zombie movie “World War Z”, where he played … wait for it, wait for it … a character credited as “W.H.O. Doctor”. I shit you not.

Peter Capaldi IMDB Credit Listing

In other BBC news, the network has released your first quickie promo for the upcoming Season 3 of their hit show “Sherlock”. Remember when this show was on the air? Yeah, I don’t remember, either. It’s been five, six years, right? It sure seems a long, long time ago since we last saw ol Sherlock on the roof. Literally.

The show finally returns this October 31st.

SPOILER! Sherlock is still alive! (Though for my money seeing Watson with the ’70s porn ‘stache is the bigger spoiler.)

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  • ErickKwon

    I was hoping for a non-white male Doctor this time around, but at least they went older. The seemingly unending focus on the Doctor’s charm and rakishness for most of the relaunch era’s run got really old really quick

  • venom_aa

    You gotta give it to BBC, they knew how to attract new public outside of England to dr who. Eccleston, Smith and Tennant specially, have a given the show a really needed new public. Old fans should be happy now with Capaldi since it looks it back to basics now that the new fans are hooked up. Everybody won with this relaunch.

  • babylon

    The name of this site is, BeyondHollywood, From the sounds of it, Not to Beyond.

  • Frank-ly

    Eccleston was perhaps the worst Doctor ever, until now that is. Capaldi is TOOO OLD!!! I’ve seen him act, he can act, and swear worse than a drunken sailor who has just fallen into a excreatment filled pit, but as far as a choice for the Doctor, NO!~! Sherlock returns January 1 2014, and Benedict Cumberbach would have been the perfect Doctor, especially if they cast James Nesbitt opposite him as the Master. So far all the DW producers have done is ride on the coatails of Classic Doctor Who and added some flashy SFX. Very few of the stories stand up to say a Robert Holmes script. Tennant was a pretty good Doctor, but he was hampered by whiney Companions who kept disobeying him, and trying to upstage him. Smith was also reasonably good, and at least he got a good companion in the end. Pond was just there to annoy and be sexy, not intelligent. Clara at least has verve and intelligence. Good thing to, as she will now have to carry the show, not to mention help grandpa-Doc around. :-(