BBC’s Sherlock Returns in a New Series 3 Trailer

Sherlock Season 3

I guess it’s kind of proper the BBC’s Sherlock faked his own death at the end of Series 2 in order to escape Moriarty (wait, you didn’t think he actually killed himself, did you?) and that it’s been two years since, because doesn’t it feel like two years since we’ve seen this show? Oh wait, it has been!

Well “Sherlock” is back, and he’s ready to breathe in the criminal underworld of London again starting this New Years day. Yup, after a long, LONG hiatus, the smartest man in London is back to solve more crimes and save the world or some such. All I know is, his buddy John Watson has grown a nice, sweet ‘stache while he was away.

The first episode of Series 3, called “The Empty Hearse”, premieres this January 1, 2014.

Benedict Cumberbatch returns as Sherlock, with Martin Freeman as Watson. The two apparently didn’t stay away from one another in-between “Sherlock” seasons. They were both being busy co-starring in Peter Jackson’s three “Hobbit” movies. You might have heard of those films.

BBC's Sherlock TV Series Poster