Beast Will be in Magneto Movie?

Haven’t heard a lot about the “X-Men” spin-off movie about Magneto for a while, which is probably on purpose. The Powers That Be are probably waiting to see if the Wolverine spin-off sells before they start on the Magneto version, and all this pre-production work on the movie, such as sketch drawings and CGI prep work are just that — preparation. But in any case, it’s fun to speculate, isn’t it? And the current speculation is who, besides Magneto, will appear? According to one report, the Beast. Or maybe Nightcrawler. What? Read on.

Latino Review has the word on a possible Beast appearance in “Magneto” via a trip to the special effects shop that did work on “Hellboy II: The Golden Army”:

But I also noticed a photograph of a young looking Beast leaping through the air. Not a drawing, although it could have been computer generated, but an actual photo.

“What’s this?”

“This is young Beast from the prequel they’re gonna be doing. Magneto.”

“Oh, ok.” I replied, trying to act calm before my head exploded from seeing this picture. “So Beast is in Magneto, huh?”


Beast, eh? As you’ll recall, Beast was played by Kelsey Grammar in “X-Men: The Last Stand”.

But wait, what’s this? LR then updated their post with this:

EVERYONE keeps e-mailing me saying it’s probably Nightcrawler and not Beast. He had a tail in the pic and the guy said it was Beast. He even looked like Beast right when I saw the picture, and I have the audio of him saying Beast and not Nightcrawler. Maybe he got them mixed up, but I’m only reporting what I was told and saw.

So there you go. Beast, or Nightcrawler, may show up in a “Magneto” movie. Should one be made.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Beast in Magneto Movie