Beau Bridges Gets in on the Max Payne

Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming movie adaptation of the Rockstar Game “Max Payne” gets another castmember — former Stargate SG1 bigwig Beau Bridges, father of the Bridges boys, who joins the cast as “B.B. Hensley, a former cop and mentor figure to Max Payne, who helps him track down a cunning, ruthless killer.” You know, that name doesn’t even ring a bell with me. It’s been ages since I played the game, but I don’t recall a character name B.B. Then again, as I said, it’s been ages.


Principal photography began March 3 in Toronto on the John Moore-directed film. Beau Thorne penned the script.

Mark Wahlberg stars as Payne, a maverick cop determined to track down those responsible for the murder of his partner and family.

Mila Kunis will play an assassin who teams with Payne to avenge her sister’s death.

Mark Wahlberg is Max Payne, Mila Kunis is Mona Sax, and now Beau Bridges as B.B. (Wow, that’s also the initial of Beau Bridges. Coincidence?)

Beau Bridges Gets in on the Max Payne