Beauty and the Beast TV Reboot Heads to The CW

Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman in Beauty and the Beast TV SeriesThe CW is dipping their paws into another version of the ’80s TV show “Beauty and the Beast”, not to be confused with the upcoming movie by Guillermo Del Toro that might end up starring Emma Watson.

According to TVLine, the new version will “not only modernize and CW-up the love story but also add a procedural twist”.

I have no idea what that means. When I think “procedural”, I think the “CSI” shows with their crimes-of-the-week storylines and neon labs, filled with glowing test tubes and guys pouring water back and forth between test tubes to pounding techno music as the camera jerks and spins around them. So if they’re going to “young” this version of the show up, what does that mean, setting it in high school? Who knows. It’s the CW — it could be really good (“Supernatural”, “Nikita”) or utter crap (every other show on the network besides “Supernatural” and “Nikita”).

The show will be based on, of course, the 1980s version, which starred Linda Hamilton as the titular beauty, and Ron Perlman as the titular beast. As I recall, the beast lived in the sewers and beauty was a lawyer or some such.

“Without a Trace’s” Jennifer Levin and “Brothers & Sisters'” Sherri Cooper will write the pilot script.