Because You Demanded It — Point Break 2: Point Breaker

In the original “Point Break” (1991), FBI agent Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) posed as a surfer dude in order to bust a group of surfer dudes who also moonlights as notorious bank robbers. The leader of those bank robbers was Bodhi, played by Patrick Swayze, whose character was insinuated to have perished while trying to surf a massive wave at the end of the film. But apparently that isn’t true after all. Via Moviehole comes news that Peter Iliff, the film’s original writer, will return to “Point Break” for a sequel, which he will write and direct.

Obviously at this point in his career, Keanu Reeves isn’t returning, and I doubt Patrick Swayze is either, despite his Bodhi character being resurrected as the new lead in the sequel.

The new film is said to fix on ex-professional surfer who enlists in the US Navy and is recruited to track down a criminal gang based in South-East Asia.

“Point Break 2”, to be shot and set in South-East Asia, will have a budget of $30 million.