Because You Need It: The New Puppet Master Teaser Has Arrived!

PuppetMasterBack in the day, I was a Full Moon Entertainment fanatic. The creepy, strange-smelling video store near my childhood home always carried the latest FM flicks, and I was always one of the first to check them out. It’s probably the reason why I’m still addicted to Charles Band movies, despite the fact that the man’s recent output has been somewhat lackluster. Be that as it may, I’m pretty pumped about the upcoming Full Moon release “Puppet Master: Axis of Evil,” the 9th film in this long-running series. Details are fleeting at the moment, but from what I’ve gleaned from the trailer below, you get Nazis, a puppet regurgitating a slug, and someone’s skull getting drilled. Truthfully, isn’t that really all you need to know on the subject?

If you require more info, here’s the synopsis:

In a stateside hotel during the height of World War II, young Danny Coogan dreams of joining the war effort. Following the murder of hotel guest Mr. Toulon by Nazi assassins, Danny finds the old man’s crate of mysterious puppets and is suddenly thrust into a battle all his own. He discovers that Nazis MAX and Klaus, along with beautiful Japanese sabateur Ozu, plan to attack a secret American manufacturing plant. After his family is attacked and his girlfriend Beth is kidnapped, it is up to Danny and the living deadly Puppets to stop this Axis of Evil.

When this sucker gets released, I’m buying a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and a two-liter of soda and regressing 20 years. As it stands, “Puppet Master: Axis of Evil” should see the light of day sometime next year.