Kate Beckinsale Joins Wahlberg in Reykjavik-Rotterdam Remake aka Contraband

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Kate Beckinsale in a movie. No, scratch that. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Kate Beckinsale in a movie that we’ve wanted to really see. I’m not sure if this remake of the Icelandic thriller “Reykjavik-Rotterdam” (since retitled “Contraband”) will change that, but it’s better that bundling her up in 50 pounds of winter gear and having her run around Alaska in the faux freezing cold, right?

Anyways, word from Latino Review is that Beckinsale has been cast as the female lead in “Contraband”, opposite Mark Wahlberg.

The film will find Wahlberg doing what Wahlberg does best, playing an ex-criminal (in this case, a former alcohol smuggler) who is now a lowly security guard. After he’s hit with some money problems, our hero is tempted back into the trade by one of those no-good friends who will probably end up dead or such. Ain’t that always the case?

No word on what role Beckinsale (below) will play, but I’m assuming there was a femme fatale in the original.

In a bit of “well, that’s a new one”, the original film’s star, Baltasar Kormakur, will produce and direct the remake, taking over for Óskar Jónasson.

Reykjavik-Rotterdam (2008) Movie Poster