Bee Movie Stings Box Office in Second Week

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Talk about something that never happens at the box office — a movie that opened last week at #2 (Jerry Seinfeld’s animated “Bee Movie”) has taken the box office crown in its second week of release, beating out “American Gangster”, which had taken the top spot when the two films opened last week in the same weekend. “Bee Movie” took in $26 million million in its second week, enough to top “American Gangster’s” $24.3 million. Still, Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington’s crime flick still maintains the total box office take of the two films, with “Gangster” totalling over $80 million in its two weeks, and “Bee Movie” behind with $72 million. Of the week’s new films, the comedy “Fred Clause” came in third with an impressive $19 million, while the leftist political talker “Lions for Lambs” debuted in fourth place with $6.7 million, not exactly big numbers for a film boasting an A-list cast and a $35 million budget, not counting advertising.

The week’s other debuting pictures, the Alexandre Aja produced and co-written “P2″ opened in 8th place with a weak $2 million. Here’s how the rest of the box office broke down over the weekend:

1 —– Bee Movie —– Paramount Pictures —– $26,000,000
2 —– American Gangster —– Universal Pictures Distribution —– $24,319,000
3 —– Fred Claus —– Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution —– $19,225,000
4 —– Lions for Lambs —– MGM Distribution Company —– $6,710,000
5 —– Dan in Real Life —– Buena Vista Pictures Distribution —– $5,872,000
6 —– Saw IV —– Lionsgate —– $5,010,000
7 —– The Game Plan —– Buena Vista Pictures Distribution —– $2,410,000
8 —– P2 —– Summit Entertainment, LLC —– $2,200,000
9 —– 30 Days of Night —– Sony Pictures Releasing —– $2,100,000
10 —– Martian Child —– New Line Cinema —– $1,750,000
11 —– Michael Clayton —– Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution —– $1,660,000
12 —– Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? —– Lionsgate —– $1,610,000

Bee Movie Stings Box Office in Second Week

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