Behind-the-Scenes of Teen Vampire Movie Twilight

ETOnline is not exactly the place to go for the latest movie news, but what the hey, they happen to currently have a behind-the-scenes video from the teen vampire movie “Twilight”, which as I hear it, the kids are going absolutely nuts for. The series of Young Adult novels that the movie is based on are incredibly popular, and the film looks like it has the makings of a franchise. Will it? If all those people who flock to the net to look for every shred of news from the movie is any indication, most definitely. See the video below.


The movie, scheduled to hit theaters December 12, is directed by CATHERINE HARDWICKE (‘Thirteen,’ ‘Lords of Dogtown’) and stars newcomer KRISTEN STEWART, who plays mortal Bella Swan who falls for the dashing Edward Cullen (ROBERT PATTINSON) — who just happens to be a vampire.

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