Behind The Scenes With Resident Evil: Afterlife

Maybe it is because of the era I grew up in, but when I think of 3D movies a certain type of film springs to mind. I think “Jaws” in 3D. I think “Friday the 13th” in 3D. I think “Three Stooges” shorts in 3D with glasses that you got from Burger King. I think glasses with one red lens and one blue lens.

When I think of 3D I think of ridiculous, campy, over the top movies that you would see at a dilapidated drive-in, and it annoys me that every time I go to the theater now I have to wear a pair of sunglasses that don’t fit over my real glasses. Is the world really better off because the Jonas Brothers are in 3D? Do “Kung-Fu Panda: Kaboom of Doom” and “Yogi Bear” really need to be in 3D? Will that make them watchable? Probably not.

Most of these movies aren’t enhanced by 3D. (Seriously, fuck you, James Cameron, “The Hurt Locker” wouldn’t be better in 3D, it would have just given me a headache.) If you’re going to make a movie in 3D I want more absurd, schlocky movies like “Piranha 3D”. That seems like an appropriate use of the technology. And I am curious to see what “Jackass 3D” has in store for us. Giving them access to 3D seems like the best worst idea ever.

I do actually have a point, I’m not just ranting. Like I said, I think a certain style of film benefits the most from 3D, and that style matches up nicely with “Resident Evil: Afterlife”. I want monsters and bullets and fiery explosions all leaping at my face out of the screen, and if this new making of featurette is to be believed, that is exactly what we’re going to get. Watch and listen as Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, and director Paul W.S. Anderson talk about what 3D brings to a movie like this.

Against my better judgment I enjoy the “Resident Evil” movies, and I am looking forward to “Afterlife”. When I saw “Apocalypse” I was the only one in the theater, always a surreal experience, and I imagine if that happens to me again this time it will be even more so in 3D. The movie comes out September 10th, and I’ll be there.

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