Being an Extra in a Michael Bay Film Can be Hazardous to Your Health

Frankly, I’m shocked this hasn’t happened before. We are talking about Michael Bay here, after all, the King of Cinematic Explosions, Mr. Awesome, etc. The sheer amount of pyrotechnics that takes place in every single one of his movies, especially the mayhem on the epic scale of the “Transformers” films, you’d think something like this was bound to happen sooner or later. Well now it has.

The incident occurred during the film’s Chicago shoot. MyFoxChicago (via the Transformers Live Action Blog) says 24-year old Gabriella Cedillo (above) was critically injured when a cable snapped and burst through her Toyota’s windshield hitting her. A witness is quoted as saying:

It snapped. The cable snapped, and the cable went into the westbound lane where we were at and hit the girl’s car, smashed the windshield. From the way it looked, I don’t know if she was knocked out immediately or not but the car, because we were already going at a high rate of speed, the vehicle just went, it just kept going.

Another extra told ABC Chicago a decidedly darker tale:

The vehicle was being towed by another vehicle. The cable between the two vehicles broke. It whipped around and sliced through the woman’s car and sliced through her skull, apparently. …They completely shut it down. The equipment pertaining to the stunt was impounded by the Indiana State Police.

Lots of speculation, and no official confirmation from the studio on what really happened. They’re probably waiting to see if Cedillo pulls through, or get the full extent of her injuries before commenting. Whatever happens, I suspect a lawsuit is pending.

Meanwhile, Michael Bay and company have moved on to Detroit, where filming on “Transformers 3” continues.