Bekmambetov’s Apollo 18 Lands a New Director

Burgeoning Russian uber producer Timur Bekmambetov (who, at last count, is currently producing about 5,511 movies or thereabouts) has found a new director to direct his sci-fi found footage movie “Apollo 18”. Spanish helmer Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego will take over for Trevor Cawood.

“Apollo 18” uses the “Cloverfield”-ish gimmick of “found footage” to expose a secret NASA mission to the moon. Most of the story will apparently take place in the rocket ship flying from the Earth to the Moon, and the astronauts’ close encounters of the third kind during their flight.

One of three alien-themed sci-fi “found footage” movie announced in the same year, Bekmambetov’s movie is now well ahead of its competition — Roland Emmerich’s “The Zone”, which has reported shut down thanks to the crowded field, and “The Third Kind” director Olantunde Osunsanmi’s “Dark Moon”, which lost a studio, before getting picked up again by Dark Castle.

So what have we learned, kids? Mostly that aliens, being attention whores, love the camera.