Ben Kingsley May Play Ender’s Game

Ender's Game Novel CoverYou can add Gandhi to the live-action, big-screen adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s sci-fi classic “Ender’s Game”.

Ben Kingsley, the actor who won an Academy Award for playing “Gandhi”, is currently in talks to join the cast of director Gavin Hood’s “Ender’s Game”. If he signs on, Kinsgley would reunite with his “Hugo” co-star Asa Butterfield, the two having co-starred in the 3D film together for Martin Scorsese.

In the film, Kingsley would play “a legendary war hero presumed to be long dead.” Likely Mazer Rackham, for those who have read the book.

Besides Kingsley and Butterfield, “True Grit’s” Hailee Steinfeld previously joined the film, which is set in a futuristic Earth where mankind has been at constant war with a bug-like alien species called Formics. Ender Wiggin (Butterfield’s character) is one of many child geniuses recruited into the military to fight the buggers using simulated war games. Steinfeld will play one of his allies.

Gavin Hood, coming off the less-than-spectacular (unless you consider it spectacularly mediocre) “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” will direct the film from his own script. Long in development, the film will finally make it into production early next year. Fingers crossed!

Ben Kingsley in Shutter Island (2010) Movie Image

Via : THR