Ben Stiller Confirms Zoolander 2. Cause, um, You Demanded it?

Ben Stiller’s 2001 comedy “Zoolander” is a great film — if you like Ben Stiller, that is. If you’re one of those people who has issues with the man — like the way he acts, the way he looks, or the way he breathes — then you probably hated it with a passion. I sort of liked it, but for my money the best moment in the entire film is when a bunch of dim-witted male models (hey, is that an oxymoron?) were getting gas when they stupidly poured gasoline on each other and danced around, only to all die in a horrible fire from, you know, all that gasoline. It was funny, and Stiller wasn’t in the scene, which kind of made it even funnier for some reason. I forgot what it was about, but a pre-stardom Will Ferrell played the bad guy.

In any case, Stiller has confirmed to MTV that there will indeed be a “Zoolander 2”, and it will take place 10 years after the first movie, which saw Stiller’s moronic male model Derek Zoolander opening up a school for poor kids. In the sequel, Stiller and Owen Wilson’s Hansel character will have been forgotten by the ever-changing fashion industry (you know, the same industry that gave us Lady Gaga?), and must fight to regain their fame, which probably involves doing idiotic and, if you’re a Stiller fan, funny things.

The script is currently being written with “Tropic Thunder” writer Justin Theroux possibly in line to direct.

Say, Ben Stiller, you know what this world needs? Zoolander 2. And then, peace on Earth.