Ben Wheatley Clocks in for the Freakshift

Ben WheatleyBen Wheatley, director of one of the most talked about horror films of 2011, the hard-to-described, full-of-surprises “Kill List”, decided to give yuks a try with his follow-up, the comedy “Sightseers”, but he’ll be heading back to the horror genre for his next movie, which will also he his first American offering, called “Freakshift”.

The film, to be written by Wheatley and Amy Jump, will be “set in a world where monsters rise from the ground and terrorize citizens when night falls. The Freakshift is a band of government-organized misfits and lawbreakers who hunt and kill the creatures for civic duty, sport and money.”

Wheatley describes “Freakshift” as “Hill Street Blues vs. Monster”, which sounds pretty damn awesome, and says it’ll cost $15 million to make.

“Sightseers”, meanwhile, is due out in UK theaters this November.

Here’s a look at Wheatley’s last movie, “Kill List” for an idea of what to expect from the man when “Freakshift” lands sometime in 2013:

Via : Empire