Ben Whishaw May Lurk in Robopocalypse

Sounds like Steven Spielberg’s “Robopocalypse” is really gearing up, with recent news that Chris Hemsworth was offered the lead, and yesterday had Anne Hathaway possibly coming onboard as the female lead. Today finds young Mr. Ben Whishaw, who can be seen as the new Q. in Bond flick “Skyfall” and “Cloud Atlas” later this year, looking likely to board the film as a character name Lurker.

In the Daniel H. Wilson novel that “Robopocalypse” will be based on, Lurker is a British computer hacker and all-around punk who starts off being a total dick, before the robot uprising (and subsequent mass killings of humans by said robots) turns him into a somewhat heroic figure. Like most of the wide-ranging, globalized characters that show up in Wilson’s novel, Lurker plays a vital part in fighting the robot.

Spielberg is set to direct the sci-fi actioner, which already has a April 25, 2014 release date penned into the schedule.

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Via : Variety