Benicio del Toro is Che in Soderbergh’s Guerilla

The AP reports that Benicio del Toro has signed on to play the lead in Steven Soderbergh’s “Guerilla”, and in fact this is kind of old news, because if you go to del Toro’s official site, he’s already in full Che costume and, one presumes, on the set of the movie. So who is Che? His full name is Ernesto “Che” Guevara, and he’s the guy pictured to the left. Yes, the dude with the funky hair whose face you see all those rich white kids on your college campus wearing around on a T-shirt, as if that said anything about them, the chumps.

The film will also co-star Javier Bardem, Ryan Gosling, Benjamin Bratt, Franka Potente, and “Guerilla” is apparently just the working title. According to del Toro’s site, the film (to be shot entirely in Spanish) is also called “The Front Man”, and is apparently meant to be split into two movies, both written and directed by Steven Soderbergh.

More precisely:

The Front Man tells us that a few scenes will be filmed and then there will be a hiatus of approximately one year before filming resumes. The eventual goal is to produce two movies out of the filmed material.

More about Che via a book on his life:

Ernesto “Che” Guevara (1928-1967) was many things to many people: an exemplary human, a hero, a tyrant, a fanatic. In Jon Anderson’s thorough biography, he emerges as all these things and more. He was, Anderson writes, a brilliant revolutionary tactician and warrior. He was also so hardened a communist that Fidel Castro kept him out of public view after the Cuban Revolution precisely because he did not want to alienate potential anticommunist allies like the United States. (Castro’s caution did not pay off, as we know.) Drawing on declassified U.S. and Soviet documents, Anderson proves beyond doubt that Guevara was captured and executed by Bolivian counterinsurgency rangers, and not, as the official story once had it, killed in a firefight while armed to the teeth. This is a fascinating, well-written book.

Now that was one interesting man, even if he was a pinko commie.

Benicio del Toro is Che in Soderbergh

Benicio del Toro is Che in Soderbergh