Benjamin Walker to Save the Day in Alex Proyas’ Paradise Lost

First Bradley Cooper as Lucifer, now “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” himself Benjamin Walker is in talks to join the cast of Alex Proyas’ big-screen Hollywood take on John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”. Okay, so maybe it won’t be completely faithful to the Milton poem, but it should be an epic action flick if Proyas gets to do everything he wants.

Walker would play the archangel Michael, who takes on Cooper’s Lucifer on behalf of us mere mortals. The plot has Lucifer, after being cast out of Heaven for being a bad boy, deciding to mount an army to battle the forces of good. The film is promising action on the scale of “300” and “Lord of the Rings”, with winged angels slicing the living heck out of each other. Hey, them’s the price of freedom, folks.

Look for it sometime in 2013, with production set for January 2012 in Sydney, Australia.