Bennett Miller and Francis Lawrence on the Hunger Games Sequel Director’s Shortlist

Bennett MillerLionsgate and the folks behind “The Hunger Games” are looking for someone to replace Gary Ross behind the camera for the sequel, “Catching Fire”. And since the original has already made half a billion dollars in the States alone, you can bet your knickers that every Tom, Dick, and Harry in Hollywood will want the gig.

You can add “Moneyball’s” Bennett Miller (left) and “Constantine’s” Francis Lawrence (below) to the list of notable names currently on Lionsgate’s shortlist of potential directors. The two men join a list that already includes the likes of David Cronenberg, Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

If I had to choose between Miller and Lawrence, I would go with the latter. Sure, he might have screwed the pooch a bit with “I am Legend”, but come on, you can only do so much with those ridiculously fake vampires he had to work with on that one. Lawrence, a former music video man, clearly has a nice eye for action and style, and I think he could work. God knows he’s not prone to shakycam, which is a plus.

“Catching Fire”, the second in Suzanne Collins’ “Hunger Game” trilogy of books, would pic up where the first movie left off, with the seeds of rebellion sown with Katniss’ victory in the Games. As the kids would say, shit’s about to get real here, dog.

Francis Lawrence on the set of Water for Elephants (2011) Movie Image

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