Benny Chan’s Remake of Cellular Under Way

Yes, you heard it correctly. Hong Kong is remaking a Hollywood movie for a change, and not the other way around. The film in question is the thriller “Cellular”, starring Kim Basinger as a put-upon woman and Chris Evans as the carefree guy who tries to help her when thugs kidnap Basinger and put her in a house, and her only connection to the outside world is Evans’ wrong number.

According to Kaiju Shakedown, the remake has already begun shooting with a cast consisting of “Louis Koo and Nick Cheung (ELECTION, both of them), Barbie Hsu (SILK) and Liu Ye (CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER).”

I didn’t see the original, but I might take a stab at the remake. I love the cast, for one, and Chan has never failed to make an interesting, super slick thriller, with the most recent being “Invisble Target”.

Here’s the full plot of the 2004 American original:

A young man (Evans) receives a call on his cellular phone from a woman (Basinger) who says she’s been kidnapped, and thinks she’s going to be killed soon, along with her husband and son who the kidnappers have gone after next. The catch? She doesn’t know where she is… and his cell phone battery might go dead soon.

Benny Chan’s Remake of Cellular Under Way